TruMed Systems is the maker of an automated cold storage and dispensing machine for medical vaccines called Accuvax. I was contracted to design the UX and UI for the Web-based administration and inventory management console for the Accuvax machine.

*Some material cannot be discussed here due to proprietary information

Duration: Apr 2015 to Dec 2015

You can learn more about the product here here.


This project required a full UX design for a management console that not only served the needs of both the medical and office staffs, but also could be accessed by the larger medical group administration. Additionally there was a need for an administrative user management console.

The portal needed to be extremely easy to use; for user management, monitoring real-time status of the kiosk, distribution of vaccines, and inventory.


The first step was understanding the ins-and-outs of the medicinal vaccine world. There are quite of few government regulations that have to be adhered to. I created personas for the different types of users of the console. administrator -- clerical, clinician, physician, and technician.

When I finished user types, I created a navigational hierarchy based on the various user scenarios I developed, which were then translated into wire frame designs.



Once refined enough, I created full visual designs and prototyped the UI which, after some refinements, got client approval and were implemented. We went through a few design cycles based on feedback from users in the field and stake-holders to refine and further develop.


The functional tools included system user access—roles and profiles, vaccine management—data input, distribution, inventory levels, re-stocking information and lastly, patient information and vaccination orders from physicians.


The system was deployed in 2016 and is currently being field tested at a number of medical facilities in the U.S.

You need an account to access the full Accuvax system, but you can visit the Accuvax Website for more info.

background photo: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA, 2012