I was contracted to redesign an existing vacation home rental site. The previous site had not been updated in about 10 years and needed a refresh.

For this project I utilized all of my abilities, including Product Design, UX, UI, Visual, Layout, Wire-framing, HTML, CSS, and Graphic Design

Duration: Jan 2015 to Aug 2015

You can visit the existing site here.


The main focus was to update the UI, visual design, and improve usability to increase inquiries and boost conversion rates. I focused on creating a better user experience when looking for rental properties and improving process of inquiring and booking properties.


The previous site was more text-based and not very visual. The property images were smaller and many weren't high quality. My recommendations were to reduce the number of places for a user to click and focus on the areas that get them to the browsing of properties fastest.

I updated the design by making the photography of the properties the centerpiece of the site and minimized the prominence of links that the users did not frequent.


Focusing on visually featuring properties and increasing the sizes of images and highlighting information such as rental price, rating, and capacity, brought increased rental appeal.


In addition to the larger, more prominent images, I created original iconography for each property page to represent the amenities available.



Other added features were the inclusion of dynamic maps, giving the user a much better idea of the location relative to area beaches and the ability to filter properties by number of bedrooms, capacity, and the nightly rate.


The result was a much more modern looking site with more focus on getting the user what they want and making it easy to inquire about property rental.

Programming and Prototyping

Beyond Usability, UI, and visual design, I also prototyped the html, css, and some javaScript for the project, creating the initial files that the site developer implemented.

background photo: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA, 2012