Goodsnitch enables businesses to get quick feedback on their product or service.

I was the lead designer and utilized all aspects of my skill set. Primarily working on mobile and Web, my work covered visual, UX and UI design, as well as print design witch included a 6'X6' light-wall advertisement that was on display in multiple areas of the San Diego International Airport.

Duration: Feb 2014 to May 2015

The company was renamed HundredX Inc and the app is called ExpresIt



My initial project was to present a UX analysis of the mobile product. From this report, a number of iterative functional changes were made to improve usability.

After a few months, and with the increased confidence of the CEO, I was able to lead a more complete functional redesign and rebranding of the entire mobile offering.



An early initiative was to create a business dashboard. This dashboard/Web app was available to our enterprise customers only. It enabled them to monitor, and interact with the feedback they received from their customers.


Working with the CEO, product manger, and engineering lead, we had discussions with existing enterprise customers to assess their needs. From this discovery and after white board sessions, I created the initial wireframes.

From these wireframes, I created a visual design and, working with the developer team, built a prototype. There were a few revisions, and we launch the finished product in Oct 2014.


Over the course of working with Goodsnitch, I also led a number of redesigns of their Website.


As we developed new products and features, this required minor updates and, in some cases, complete redesigns of the corporate Website to accomadate both consumer users of the product and enterprise customers.

background photo: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA, 2012